What is Festival Sorted all about?

Festival Sorted has been set up to help cater for the needs of Glastonbury Festival ticket holders who are searching for off-site Glastonbury Festival accommodation and luxury Glamping accommodation with easy access to the Glastonbury Festival site.

Festival Sorted is based in Pilton: the village in which the Glastonbury festival is held every year. Our perfect location and festival experience, means that we have the knowledge to help!

Festival Sorted source a fantastic range of Glastonbury festival accommodation from local residents who are looking to rent out a space that they own. This includes a range of Glastonbury festival accommodation options including: renting entire houses, renting a room in people’s houses, B&Bs, glamping and yurts.

Festival Sorted’s mission is to ensure that ‘you’, the Glastonbury Festival goer, makes the most of your stay.

This means:

You are able to take a break:  to rest and relax away from the hustle and bustle when you need to.

Your rest time is of quality, so that energy is maximised, leaving you recharged and ready for the next experience.

Your Glastonbury festival accommodation adds to your whole experience.

Your swift return to Glastonbury festival is enabled. So, when your ready to get back in there, you are only a few minutes away!

Who started it?

Festival Sorted Glastonbury festival accommodation is owned and run by Simon Coombes.

  Simon, Miranda, Ned & Sol

How did it all start?

In 2013 when Glastonbury Festival tickets went on sale, and we were not lucky enough to get our annual fix, it felt like the end of the world!

Four months later, we had bought a house in the festival village of Pilton, to ensure we got them!

With 2 very young children this was a dream! Easy 10-minute walk to the main pyramid stage (with the pushchair), and an easy return to our own bath and comfy clean beds.

A far cry from the 90’s experiences, when we had a 2-man tent, a toothbrush and a rucksack full of beer!

Our new home in the heart of the village also has a lovely big garden. Last year we put our Bell Tent up for our children, to play in – they used it for the whole summer!

Festival – Bell Tent – Big Garden – Easy Access = Festival Sorted!

So, in 2015 we are renting out a Bell Tent in our garden, for the ultimate Glastonbury festival glamping experience, and now we rent out our house and other peoples in the village. This is our 4th time doing it and we have lots of happy customers who keep coming back!

Each year we source more and more Glastonbury festival accommodation options within close proximity, to ensure as many people as possible have a choice of how they experience their festival. We also thought, with our vast experience of festivals in mud, sun, floods and hurricanes, that we could help others with all the things they need to have an amazing time. We’ve got your Glastonbury festival (and ours) sorted!

Can’t wait for the next one …

Simon & Miranda x

“Festival Sorted – enabling full and amazing Glastonbury festival accommodation experiences by providing superb, restful, accommodation solutions!”