To protect yourself and your party please ensure that you all read the fire assessment and health and safety forms that will be made available to you. It is your responsibility to review these and is the responsibility of the Lead Guest to distribute as necessary. Please ensure you pay strict attention to any additional guidance and advice which may be provided by your Host. Failure to do so may result in injury or harm. Likewise if anything occurs or you see anything that you think is a potential hazard or may cause harm please report it immediately to your Host.

House Rules apply at all times and in addition, any rules supplied by your Host must be complied with.

The lead guest is responsible for the accommodation and it is their responsibility to disallow any additional un-named persons into the accommodation. Allowing additional guests will result in you being charged an additional fee per unauthorised guest.

Please ensure you take care of your accommodation and its surrounding vicinity. You are responsible and liable for any breakages or damages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Make sure you report any accidents or breakages as soon as they occur (within reasonable waking hours unless urgent). We reserve the right to charge for repair or making good any damages.

Under the House Rules you agree to the following

  1. Refrain from smoking
  2. Refrain from taking any animals into the accommodation unless this is pre agreed with the Host.
  3. Keep your accommodation and any communal areas you have access clean and tidy and leave it in the same condition as you found it in
  4. Refrain from causing a nuisance to other residents / neighbours (including loud noise such as music / shouting / anti-social behaviour)
  5. Refrain from risking any insurance policies that might be in place to cover you or your Host
  6. Do not cause an obstruction, i.e. with rubbish or parked cars / other vehicles. Doing so may result in them being towed away at cost to you
  7. Refrain from altering / damaging any of your hosts property or belongings
  8. Refrain from taking drugs or carrying out any other illegal activity
  9. Respect the privacy of your Host at all times and refrain from disturbing them unless an emergency occurs. Do not enter your Hosts home unless invited to do so
  10. Securing your accommodation is your responsibly and not the responsibility of your Host
  11. Pay any outstanding deposit on your property by the 1st May to ensure your property is secure!

Failure to comply with the above may result in you being asked to leave. services comprise an online platform through which hosts can advertise listings for accommodation and guests may learn about and book accommodation. By entering into this agreement and booking accommodation / hosting a guest or guests you agree and accept that are not liable for any loss, disagreements or issues that arise as a result. has no control over the host or the guest and disclaims all liability and responsibility in this regard.

Please note that should you wish to book the same accommodation again the same booking fee will apply and is payable directly to as detailed in our terms and conditions.