Host Terms and Conditions

Host Agreement and Obligations

Obligations as Host:

  1. Provide a safe, secure and clean environment for your guests
  2. Ensure all doors and windows are lockable and that the guest has a key where necessary
  3. Ensure all electrical items and utilities are safe and in good working before guest check in
  4. Please ensure to leave clear instructions for things like how to work the tv/washing machine/cooker etc Alternatively explain to your guest on arrival
  5. Ensure the Accommodation is in keeping with the description and photos of the Accommodation listed on the Festival Sorted website
  6. If you have any pets please ensure your guests are made fully aware of this at the time of booking (should any changes occur in your pet status please update your Guest prior to arrival allowing enough time for them to make other arrangements should they need to)
  7. Make clear any noise, disturbance that your guest may experience during their stay. For example, road noise, machinery, animals etc
  8. Outline any potential hazards and health and safety issues to guests within your listing, for example if you live on a farm please make this clear as certain animals, farm machinery and farm utilities may present hazards etc
  9. Provide Guests with an arrival pack. Include everything, including how to get hold of you in an emergency and the above mentioned ‘how to work the cooker …’ etc. The more you include the easier it will be for you and your guest. Also, draw up some House Rules.
  10. Ensure ALL rooms have a working fire alarm fitted and your guest knows where the nearest fire exit is
  11. The Host is required by law to carry out a fire safety assessment of any room that they are renting out. A copy of the fire safety assessment must be provided to the Guest on arrival set out here:
  12. Provide clear instructions on how to get to your Accommodation and provide any passes / keys / codes etc necessary to gain access to your property
  13. You are not obliged to collect your Guest, however if you choose to do so this is a private arrangement between yourselves and Festival Sorted accepts no responsibility for such.

Accommodation listed on Festival Sorted must be accurate and meet minimum quality standards. Any changes to the Accommodation details between booking and check-in should be pre agreed with guests. Hosts are required by laws to meet these requirements. Failure to do so could result in penalty or full termination of the Accommodation agreement and you will be subject to an administration fee. Festival Sorted reserves the right to take action against any accommodation or Host that does not comply. Likewise we will remove a listing if it does not meet our minimum requirements. Managing the expectations of guests in advance of their stay is the best policy as it avoids any confusion during their stay. Highlight everything, no matter how small you think it might be.

Host fees

To determine what your Accommodation is worth please use other Accommodation listed on our website as a guide. Please note that if it’s too expensive it won’t be booked. And remember you cannot change the price of your Accommodation after a booking has been taken.

Festival Sorted will take 15% of the total Accommodation cost (booking fee payable by the Guest) when Accommodation is booked. This acts as a deposit for the Accommodation and this is our payment. The remaining 85% will be collected within 7 days of the booking being made and will be given to the Host upon completion of the agreement (48 hours post Guest checkout).

The Host will receive 85% of the total cost of Accommodation cost that is listed. The accommodation cost will include the 15% booking fee payable by the Guest. Please price your property with the 15% booking fee in mind or discuss this with us in advance.

You will receive 85% of the total payment approximately 48 hours after the event. If the Guest cancels then the Host hereby agrees to refund the guest should the accommodation be rented out to another Guest. However the Guest cannot cancel less than 2 months prior to the event taking place. Should cancellation occur our 15% fee would remain and would in such a situation be chargeable twice to the Guest or any of this given to the Host.

By entering into this agreement you are hereby electing us to be your agent solely for the purposes of collecting monies from Guests and paying the Host. We are acting as the intermediary between you and the Host.

Festival Sorted accepts no liability on behalf of the agent or the Host should either party fail to meet their side of the agreement. Should the Host pull out a booking agreement then of course the Guest will receive a full refund and the Host charged a 15% admin fee.

The Host agrees to comply by these payment terms and to act in a fair and reasonable manner should a dispute arise.

Festival Sorted Host Terms and Conditions

As Host, you hereby acknowledge that, with exception of the Guest, you’re fully responsible for the actions of all others at your property. These include but are not limited to other visitors to your or family / friends, friends of friends, family members and animals. If you are a Host, you acknowledge and agree that you are fully and wholly responsible for your own actions and that of all others within your property or your grounds during the Guests stay.

Festival Sorted strongly recommend that you check your insurance policy to ensure you have the necessary insurance for the Accommodation you’re offering. Review your insurance policy and check you have the necessary insurance that will protect you and your Guest should the need arise. For example, if a guest should break something will your insurance cover it? If something were to happen to your Guest on your premises are you covered? Make sure you contact you insurance provider to notify them of the situation and check you’re covered well in advance of your guests stay, ideally before listing your property.

As Host we will notify you when a booking is made, if we do not hear from you within 24 hours we will assume all is ok and you’re happy so the booking will be formally taken. Please avoid double advertising your property as this could result in disappointment and unnecessary paperwork and fees.

We recommend that you review any insur­ance policy that you have for your Accommodation, making sure that you recognise whether or not your insurance policy will cover the actions or inactions of Guests. We recommend that you contact your insurer to inform them of your intentions regarding renting your ac­commodation. If you are a Host and a booking is submitted for your Accommodation through Festival Sorted, you will be required either to confirm or refuse the booking within 24 hours after the booking is submitted to you, otherwise the booking will be automatically accepted. We will share details of the lead Guest with you at the point we first notify you of the booking via email.

Festival Sorted Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy sets out to protect both parties (Guest and Host).

The Host is obliged to accept the Booking as soon as the 15% booking fee is paid to Festival Sorted and notification email sent to the Host. A contract will exist between Host and Guest when full payment is received, between booking and full payment being received.

Should the Host need to cancel the agreement a full refund will be given to the Guest and a 15% booking fee charged to the Host. The Host agrees to refrain from cancelling a booking unless through no fault of their own they are forced to do so through a significant event or change in circumstances. Should this happen the 15% fee still applies. If this should happen Festival Sorted are under no obligation to do anything other than refund the guest. Host and Festival Sorted are not held responsible for any other charged / costs or fees relating to cancellation. However, Festival Sorted will endeavour to assist the Guest in finding alternative Accommodation at cost to the Guest.

The Host agrees that the Guest will receive a refund should any extenuating circumstances occur and be deemed good enough reason to require a refund, for example if the festival is cancelled. However, should the festival be cancelled mid-way through the event this would not for example apply.

Festival Sorted Guest Refund Policy

If your Accommodation not in keeping with its description and any changes have not been pre agreed with you then you may be eligible to refund your Guest.

Issues include:

Accommodation that is unclean / unsafe

Inaccurate description

Last minute booking cancellation by you the Host

Non working appliances / fire alarm

If Host and Guest cannot resolve any problems directly then Festival Sorted must be notified by the Guest and ask to make a claim for a refund. The Guest must do so within 24 hours of check-in.

The Host agrees to and must make all reasonable efforts to resolve any issues, ideally on-site. If this is not possible the Host agrees to find alternative accommodation for the duration. The Accommodation must be of the same standard, size and location to the festival, with any refund or partial refund made should this not be possible. The Host may be liable to an administration fee should this occur.

In the unlikely event that such an issue should arise Festival Sorted will act as mediator and our decision will be final. You agree to abide by and respect that Festival Sorteds final decision will be binding and if a refund is deemed appropriate this will be provided within 30 days of the issue being raised. The Host agrees to reimburse Festival Sorted a full or partial refund for any issues or miss-selling of goods / services should the Guest have good cause as deemed by Festival Sorted. Alongside this the Host agrees to a £250 administration fee should this happen.

Following check-in at the time agreed between Host and Guest the Host agrees to be available within reasonable waking hours to resolve any issues that may arise.

The Host agrees to meet the guest or provide access to the Accommodation at the pre agreed time. Festival Sorted advise that check in time and location is agreed at least two weeks in advance. Should the Host have any issues arranging contact with the Guest this should be raised with Festival Sorted as near as possible.

Your are responsible for your own actions, both Hosts and Festival Sorted are not responsible for any actions that you might take that are out of our control which may hinder your stay, either on site or off site. Furthermore if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate you and your party may be asked to leave with immediate effect.

The above are recommendations and Festival Sorted are not responsible for checking or reinforcing them, nor do Festival Sorted accept any liability for any issues which might result. It is the Host and Guests responsibility that necessary guidelines and laws are adhered to in order to protect both parties and while Festival Sorted might offer advice it is not binding not should it be taken solely without checking governing laws. services comprise an online platform through which hosts can advertise listings for accommodation and guests may learn about and book accommodation. By entering into this agreement and booking accommodation / hosting a guest or guests you agree and accept that are not liable for any loss, disagreements or issues that arise as a result. has no control over the host or the guest and disclaims all liability and responsibility in this regard.