Accommodations Booking Agreement

“Guest” or “Guests” or “Lead Guest” as the following refers is the person who booked the accommodation and members of their party.

“Host” or “Hosts” as the following refers is the person or persons who are renting accommodation.

This Accommodation agreement is to be upheld by and is the full responsibility of the Guest who has booked the Accommodation. Any additional Guests are the responsibility of the Guest who has booked the Accommodation.

Charges and Fees Policy

The Accommodation Fees which are set out in the Confirmation Booking cover Accommodation rental only. These costs include nothing in addition to this unless clearly stated in the Confirmation Booking. These costs DO NOT include tickets.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are hereby agreeing pay the Accommodation Booking Fees as set out above and in the Booking Confirmation. You’re also, agreeing to pay the cost of any damages to the Accommodation and / or its contents / vicinity. Late payment will also, be taken should you overstay unless this is formally agreed in writing before you stay.

Fees include a 15% fee, payable to Festival Sorted to secure your accommodation, and a 85% hosting fee, payable to your host. There is an additional security deposit (to be agreed and paid directly to your host) which will be refunded within 14 days of satisfactory check out. This is to be organised with and taken by your Host.

The remaining 85% hosting fee MUST be paid to your host by 1st May. This will secure your accommodation. If you are booking your accommodation in May / June time then you will be expected to pay the full amount up front. 15% to us and 85% directly to your host. The booking fee is non refundable and in the event that the booking fee is paid and the booking subsequently cancelled by the Guest no part will be payable to the Guest or Host. Significant work goes into marketing properties to significant numbers of people before a deal may be closed and drawing up paperwork therefore this is not negotiable.

Fees and charges relating to all of the above are subject to VAT if and when applicable.

Check-in Policy

No responsibility will be accepted by Festival Sorted or The Host for Failure to turn up / book into your Accommodation at the agreed time. Failure to do this could result in your booking becoming invalid. Should you run into difficulty making a pre agreed book in please be sure to speak directly to your host. Please be aware that running late could inconvenience your Host who might be planning on going to the festival too. It is likely that if you give your Host plenty of notice that you can arrange something suitable for your both but please allow plenty of time to avoid any situations like this which could inconvenience you both.

If your plans change and you want to transfer a booking please get in touch with your Host or us to discuss. This is not something we normally advise and may be subject to a fee.

We advise Guests to arrange a suitable checking in time with Host at least 2 weeks prior. Failure to do this and failure to keep in touch with the Host about any changes may result in you being unable to access your Accommodation. The Host may have other commitments so communication is vital. 

Cancellations and Bookings Policy

It is the Guest responsibility to source a Festival Ticket(s). This is not the responsibility of Festival Sorted nor is it the responsibility of the Host. Festival Sorted do not supply Festival Tickets with Accommodation. For any queries please double check before booking.

The Accommodation will only be booked for the agreed Rental Period once the Confirmation of Booking has been sent via email / post and the Fees received by Festival Sorted. No contract is in place until the Booking Confirmation has been sent and the Accommodation Fee has been received by Festival Sorted.

Once the Guest receives a booking confirmation the Host is not able to cancel the agreement without good cause. For example there may be circumstance beyond the Hosts control. In the unlikely event that this should happen the Guest may be offered a full refund or replacement accommodation. The Host and Festival Sorted accept no responsibility for any costs that might be incurred as a result of this happening.

Extenuating circumstances may prevent travel to the festival, acts of terrorism or natural disasters or changes to the festival schedule may also occur. Such changes are out of Festival Sorteds control and no responsibility is taken for such and no refund will be made should this occur.

Festival Sorted and the Host therefore reserve the right to cancel any booking.

Guest Refunds Policy

Should the Guest feel that any accommodation is not in keeping with its description and any changes have not been pre agreed then a refund may be in order from the Host.  Issues might include:

  1. Accommodation that is unclean / unsafe
  2. Inaccurate description
  3. Last minute booking cancellation by the Host

If possible it is always advisable to resolve any problems directly with the Host and no later than 24 hours after check-in. Guests must detail the exact problem and support with photographic evidence if relevant. All issues are out of Festival Sorteds control and are to be discussed directly with the host. No liability or responsibility or issues resulting from this is accepted by Festival Sorted whatsoever.

The Host has agreed to and must make all reasonable efforts to resolve any issues, ideally on-site. If this is not possible the Host agrees to find alternative accommodation for the duration. The Accommodation must be of the same standard, size and location to the festival, with any refund or partial refund made should this not be possible. Please note that if a situation is deemed to be resolved over the duration of a stay then you are not eligible for any refund post the event.

The Host agrees to reimburse Festival Sorted for the booking fee should they cancel the booking / refund any part of the booking.

Following check-in at the time agreed between Host and Guest the Host agrees to be available within reasonable waking hours to resolve any issues that may arise

Guests are responsible for their own actions. Hosts and Festival Sorted are not responsible for any actions that Guests (or Hosts) might take, either on site or off site. Furthermore if A Guests behaviour is deemed inappropriate then the Guest and any associated party / Guest members might be asked to leave with immediate effect. Again this is between the Host and the Guest and Festival Sorted accept no responsibility or liability.

Checkout Policy

Should a Guest wish to stay longer than is pre agreed then this must be agreed this with the Host in advance and any additional costs agreed. If a Guest overstays then the Host has the right to enter accommodation within 3 hours, further action may be taken and any belongings may be removed. The Guest may be charged for any costs and inconveniences caused. Guests should assume an additional cost of £600 per day for any over staying. And it is the obligation of the Host to notify and pay Festival Sorted and additional 15% of any additional fees that are paid by the Host.

Damages Policy

It is the Lead Guests responsibility to take out insurance to protect him / herself and their party. 3rd party liability insurance is also strongly recommended alongside personal injury and loss of belongings insurance. If in doubt check with any relevant insurance policy.

The Lead Guest takes full responsibility for maintaining the condition of the accommodation and leaving it in exactly  the same condition as it was found in. Any actions of others who use the accommodation during their stay must do the same and it is the responsibility of the Lead Guest to ensure this.

The Lead Guest is fully and wholly responsible for leaving the Accommodation in the condition in which it was found in. Any damages or breakages must be reported to the Host and Festival Sorted. The Guest agrees to pay for anything that is damaged during a stay and the Guest will have 48 hours to respond before a deduction is taken from the damages deposit.

If the Guest discovers that anything that is broken / not working then it must be immediately reported to the Host.

The Guest agrees that the Host reserves the right to make a claim under the Guests insurance policy should the damage be to an extent that this is deemed necessary. The Guest is liable for an excess fee should this arise. The Guest agrees to cooperate fully with the Host should this occur.

Guests to agree to abide by all of these rules during your stay and give your full cooperation with any such matters that might arise. Furthermore Guests agree to be forthcoming with any information that might assist the Host in dealing with any issues that may arise after your stay.

Safety and Conduct Policy

The Guest is responsible for reading any fire assessment and health and safety forms that are made available and detailed here: It is the Guests responsibility to review these and is the responsibility of the person who booked the accommodation to distribute to other guests as necessary. Guests are advised to pay strict attention to any additional guidance and advice which may be provided by the Host. Failure to do so may result in injury or harm. Likewise if anything occurs or a potential hazard that or may cause harm is seen then it must be reported to the Host. This is not the responsibility of Festival Sorted, nor will Festival Sorted be held liable or responsible.

Any rules supplied by your Host must be complied with.

The Guest who booked the accommodation is responsible for the accommodation and it is their responsibility to disallow any additional un-named persons into the accommodation. Allowing additional guests will result in a charge per additional guest.

The Guest must ensure care is taken of the Accommodation and its surrounding vicinity. The Guest is responsible and liable for any breakages or damages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Make sure any accidents or breakages are reported as soon as they occur (within reasonable waking hours unless urgent). Festival Sorted reserve the right to charge for repair or making good any damages.

Under the House Rules Guests agree to the following

  1. Refrain from smoking
  2. Refrain from taking any animals into the accommodation unless this is pre agreed with the Host
  3. Keep accommodation and any communal areas that are accessible clean and tidy and leave it in the same condition as they are found it in
  4. Refrain from causing a nuisance to Hosts, other residents / neighbours (including loud noise such as music / shouting / anti-social behaviour)
  5. Refrain from risking any insurance policies that might be in place to cover Guest or Host
  6. Refrain from causing an obstruction, i.e. with rubbish or parked cars / other vehicles. Doing the latter may result in a car being towed away at cost to the Guest
  7. Refrain from altering / damaging any of the hosts property or belongings
  8. Refrain from taking drugs or carrying out any other illegal activity
  9. Respect the privacy of the Host at all times and refrain from creating a disturbance.
  10. Do not enter your Hosts home unless invited to do so
  11. Securing your accommodation is your responsibly and not the responsibility of your Host
  12. Review the fire safety procedure supplied by your Host
  13. Review any additional House Rules provided by your Host

Failure to comply with the above may result in you being asked to leave and being fined.

Festival Sorted Liability and Claims Policy

Any claims that the Guest wishes to make should be carried out directly with the Host and not via Festival Sorted.

The Host is not liable for any loss to Guest (business, economic or indirect losses as a result of the agreement due to negligence on the part of the Host or otherwise). Liability is limited to the cost of replacement of goods. Nor is Festival Sorted.

Should the Host not provide accommodation or cease providing such during the Guests stay without reasonable and just cause then (apart from where the Guest has broken any house rules) they are liable to find replacement accommodation and cover any costs.

The Host is not limited or excluded from liability should anything rise that causes death or personal injury as a result of negligence.

General Policy

These rules and conditions have been written in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and by taking part in this agreement you agree to them in full.

Should an event happen that takes it out of our hands: act of God, terrorism or cancelation of the festival prevent this from happening you will not necessarily be entitled to a full refund. Instead each case will be treated individually and the Host and Festival Sorted will not be held accountable.

Security/Damages Deposit

A damage deposit of £250 (unless otherwise stated) will be held by the Host and returned to the Guest within 14 days of satisfactory check out.

Important: services comprise an online platform through which hosts can advertise listings for accommodation and guests may learn about and book accommodation. By entering into this agreement and booking accommodation / hosting a guest or guests you agree and accept that are not liable for any loss, disagreements or issues that arise as a result. has no control over the host or the guest and disclaims all liability and responsibility in this regard.

Please note that should you wish to book the same accommodation again the same booking fee will apply and is payable directly to as detailed in our terms and conditions.